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Notes on various topics in mathematics and physics

My PhD thesis: “Arithmetic and Hyperbolic Structures in String Theory”

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My MSc thesis: “Coset Models and Singular Backgrounds in String Theory”

  1. -Non-perturbative effects in string theory

  1. -Hypermultiplets, D-brane and NS5-brane instantons

  1. -Quaternion-Kähler, hyperkähler and twistor geometry

  1. -Donaldson-Thomas invariants and wall-crossing phenomena

  1. -Arithmetic “U-duality” groups and automorphic forms

  1. -BPS-states and Borcherds-Kac-Moody algebras

  1. -Cosmological singularities, BKL-chaos and hyperbolic Coxeter groups

  1. -On the role of the hyperbolic Kac-Moody algebra E10 in string/M-theory

Welcome to my research page. I am a theoretical physicist working on a wide range of topics in string theory, gravity and gauge theory, often focusing on problems which lie on the borderline between physics and mathematics. A list of topics which are currently close to my heart is:

Daniel Persson

Associate Professor

Division of Algebra and Geometry

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Chalmers University of Technology