- MathOverflow


  1. -List of conferences on string theory and related topics

  2. -Strings 2011 in Uppsala


  1. -Andre Geim’s insightful speech at the 2010 Nobel prize dinner in Stockholm

Recommended online video lectures on physics and mathematics:

- IAS summer lectures on “Aspects of Supersymmetry” 2010

  1. -GRASP lectures on mathematics at the University of Texas

  2. -Arkani-Hamed’s 5 “Messenger Lectures” (2010) at Cornell

  3. -Witten’s IAS lectures on string compactifications (2009): Part I -- Part II

  4. -Kontsevich’s master class on wall crossing (2010) at the Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces, Århus University

QFT and String Theory:

  1. -Quantum Field Theory Program at the IAS: Fall Term -- Spring Term  (Very nice lecture notes on QFT and string theory)

Modular stuff:

  1. -Paul Garrett’s Page    (Contains a collection of notes on various topics in mathematics, particularly related to automorphic forms)

  2. -James Cogdell  (Lots of good notes on automorphic L-functions in connection to the Langlands program)

  3. -The collected works of Robert Langlands  (Maintained by the IAS)

  4. -J. S. Milne  (Remarkable collection of lecture notes in mathematics, notably group theory, number theory & algebraic geometry)

On this page you find links to various things that interest me

within physics and mathematics.

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